Webinar & Telesummit Management

If you are an entrepreneur with an online business it’s likely at some point you will be involved in an online event of some sort whether it’s a teleseries, webinar, telesummit, or other virtual event.  These events could be hosted by your or someone else.  A virtual event can be an asset to your business because if done right they can help you to greatly increase your list in a short amount of time.  For an online business the money is in your list.

Listed below are just the some of the steps involved in a telesummit or other virtual event:

  • a timeline of the entire process
  • sales page
  • copy
  • detailed spreadsheets of speakers, info, etc.
  • communicating with speakers (this could involve confirming date, mailing out copy,
  • answering general questions, gathering bonuses)
  • autoresponders
  • affiliate program
  • conference call system
  • audio hosting

These are some of the elements for a successful telesummit or other virtual event.  Creating a virtual event is extremely involved.  You must have a solid system in place to ensure that it is a success. I have been through this process before.  I can guide you through it without you trying to figure out what needs to be done.  The total time involved in organizing your event depends on a few things; the length of event, time spent communicating with speakers, amount of weekly calls, bonuses involved, etc.

If you have any questions contact us here!

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